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Sovereign Innovations, LLC.

God inspired to impact the world...


Our Goal

 We need to be able to have a common ground to fight against this unseen force, and in this I have invented product that will not only reduce the spread of COVID-19, but also multiple other germs and viruses that can be so easily spread in our public areas. As of right now I have designed one machine for just the shopping carts in retail stores, but also have completed other designs for the sanitation of businesses, homes and even public transportation areas. Our personal units are based on the safety of what can be brought into the environments we are in daily, including our homes, businesses and public facilities. This is not a situation that will go away, just like the cold or flu, we still have the responsibility to be proactive in our lives; and as this spreads to each individual, we will build an environment that incorporates safe sanitization.

Who we are:

We are a faith-based company whose primary goal is to make change in the world. We know that there is only one way to do that, and that is through love for all of humanity, without prejudice. In order to bring you the best products and ideas, we are striving to achieve multiple levels of effort to create an environment that makes a difference; from products and jobs to mentoring and training, we can all set a standard for the future generations.

Our Service Products:


Due to the usage of shopping carts in most retail environments, there is a risk of exposure to many germs, viruses and even mold. This machine takes out the guesswork and functions on removing 99.9% of these enemies. Customizable to fit any type of retail location, for the safety of customers and employees, alike. 

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Family, as if they aren't already on your mind and heart to keep them together and safe, we know there needs to be another level of this. Our product works to safely sanitize your home environment, without the side effects of using extra chemicals that can cause other health problems. Set with a timer and light sensor, you can choose how you let it work in your home.

Prices start @ $50 per unit


Doing aa home based job, such as Uber, Postmates, or even just doing deliveries personally. Our device is designed to sanitize your vehicle without the use of harsh chemicals that will take out the time you need for efficiency. One less thing to worry about as you navigate the needs of others.

Prices start @ $30 per unit

What our customers are saying

Having a family owned business, I want to be sure that when my children are in the carts, they are safe. This product helps me to have peace of mind with my family and shopping.

Mrs. Ashley Grimes

CEO @sweettooth_62

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45120 1/2 11th Street West

Lancaster, CA. 93534



[email protected] 


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